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It’s only rock ’n’ roll 
Throw away that leaky airbed and install a safe, comfortable, practical, passenger-carrying, bed / seat instead. 
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Choosing a bed is a simple process 
But, thanks to all the talk surrounding M1 crash test approval, fitting one is a job people seem reluctant to tackle at home, preferring to leave it to suppliers or experienced mechanical hands. So we thought we’d show you just some experienced hands doing the job so you can make a qualified decision as to whether to undertake the job yourself at home. 
First things first. We’d say it’s impossible to do this job on your own. Two people is a necessity, three makes it easier at some points in the process. 
Whether the bed you fit is M1 tested or not, the trick to sound seat/bed installation is spreading the load of the mounting points over the largest possible area under the floor. 
Just so you know 
We’d already sound deadened and battened our new ply floor and there was no we were taking all that out. Talking of the floor, it is important to note your floor needs to be either bonded or screwed into place before attempting this job, especially if you are using a two-piece floor like us. If it’s not, you run the risk of having an uneven floor when you tighten the 17mm bolts down. 
Finally, it’s worth pointing out that beds from different manufacturers will likely be slightly different to the Rusty Lee version, but this guide should at least point you in the right direction. 
Job Information 
Tools needed 
Socket set 
Ratchet spanners 
Drill and 4-10mm drill bits 
Long-nose pliers 
Torx sockets 
Tape measure 
Set square 
Spirit level 
A freind 
Pro Tip 
Get on eBay and grab 10 or 20 plastic undertray and heat shield fixings (p/no. 907 965 01) before you start this job as they are almost always corroded and some, if not all, will need replacing. 
Time Taken 
4 hours with ramp 
8 hours without ramp 
Source www.vwrustylee.com 
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